Yoga For Weight Loss: Top 10 Easy Yoga Poses (Asanas) To Lose Weight

Yoga For Weight Loss, all caught wind of yoga and its significance and might come to new stories about it everyday.

In a trend of gym, workout and dieting still it can be powerful if an individual need to free weight.

Moreover doesn’t it sound interesting that in what manner would yoga be able to be useful in weight reduction.

The most common myth if you sweat you loose weight but yoga on other hand most calm active way to burn the calories and lose weight.

What Yoga Is

Yoga is a social event of physical, mental, and powerful practices or instructs which started in India.

The word ‘Yoga’ is gotten from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, which means to join or to join together. Therefore It originated thousand of years ago and is possibly practiced from Indus Valley Civilization.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Most importantly Yoga is mind and body practice which consolidates different styles of reflection, stances, breathing and unwinding.

Someone who practice yoga or follows the yoga philosophy on a high level is called a yogi.

There are many different types of Yoga-

  1. Yoga Nidra
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Bikram yoga

Therefore in early times it was less about fitness and more about mental concentration and growing otherworldly energy . However till now there is no written record of its inventor.

In addition for the present age yoga is a conventional method of exercise, as the majority of the activities including cardio and workout possess same Yoga Asanas

Yoga Poses (Asanas) To Lose Weight

If you are new to yoga the best way to start is join yoga classes for a month learn the basics and start practicing at home.

Therefore if you are unable to do so you can just start with some of the best & easy Asanas at home – Top 10 Easy Yoga Poses to lose weight

1. Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend Pose

Yoga Poses (Asanas) To Lose Weight

However this posture extends the entire body from toe to head. Simply Sit while your legs straight forward and begin bowing your back gradually towards the legs with arms straight.

Lastly Stretch as much possible and attempt to contact your feet with hands, Hold on to this as much conceivable.

Although you can not completely stretch your body in a solitary time, with the training and time you will get more adaptable and can do effortlessly.

Benefits Of Paschimottanasana 

  1. Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Calms brain and relieve stress

2. Adho Mukha SvanasanaDownward Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana

However it stretches out the back of the legs and lower back. Anyway to begin with lie on the floor with stomach on ground.

Gradually lift the body while your hand to the ground and lifting your back and butt with legs straight. Keep the butt outwards while back and arms straight.

Therefore clutch this position and is possible one of the best yoga pose for weight loss.

Benefits Of Adho Mukha Svanasana 

  1. Strengthens shoulder and upper body
  2. Stretches hamstrings and calves
  3. Tones the legs

3. Bhujangasana Cobra Pose


As the name suggest Cobra pose, you need to get in the posture which resemble Cobra. To begin with this posture simply lie level on the ground in straight position.

Place your hands on the ground straight and lift your upper body upwards while stretching the back.

Keep the lower body level on ground with feet confronting outwards and stretch chest area as much conceivable. At last hold on to this position.

Benefits Of Bhujangasana 

  1. Strengthens the spine
  2. Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen
  3. Tones the buttocks

4. PhalakasanaPlank Pose


Generally the name itself suggests the body is held in such a way that resembles a plank. In addition this yoga asana places tension on your center and shoulder muscles.

Essentially to begin with this you need to get in position like push up. While you are in this Position keep your elbows on the ground level and entire body in air with feet contacting ground.

However this pose is best yoga for weight loss .

Benefits Of Phalakasana 

  1. Strengthens your spine
  2. Tones the abdomen
  3. Burn belly fat

5. TrikonasanaTriangle Pose


Triangle pose as a name demonstrate you need to get in a posture which look a like triangle.

To begin with this you need to stand straight with legs separated from one another. Now slowly spread both the hands & lift your right hand straight over your head.

All the while, slide your left arm down along your left leg till your fingers are at your lower leg.

Now, your right arm must be horizontal as your head is inclined left. Lastly hold the posture with your knees and elbows straight.

Benefits Of Trikonasana 

  1. Stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees, and lower legs
  2. Helps relieve stress
  3. Improves digestion

6. Utkatasana Chair Pose


Similarly like all poses chair pose resembles chair pose. Firstly to start with this pose you need to stand straight with both feet joined together.

Now start raising both your arms above the head in such a way that palms face each other.

While in this position start bending your knees slowly somewhat squats look a like. All the tension should be on thighs and back, lastly hold on to this position.

Benefits Of Utkatasana 

  1. Strengthens thighs and ankles
  2. Tones digestive organs and heart
  3. Reduces flat feet

7. Paripurna Navasana Boat Pose

Paripurna Navasana

Basically one of the hardest but best yoga pose for weight loss. Basically to start with this just lie flat on the ground with hand by your side.

Now just lift your legs and upper body with butt touching the ground in such a way that it forms a V shape. Lastly hold on this position.

Benefits Of Paripurna Navasana 

  1. Strengthens abdominal
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Improves digestion

8. Dhanurasana Bow Pose


Although Bow pose is one of the best pose to loose weight. As you can see above the amount of pressure it generates on belly fat hence, the best pose to reduce belly fat.

Moreover to perform this asana just lie on stomach touching the ground. As mentioned in cobra pose you need to get in same posture but this time have to lift both legs while catching them with hands.

Lastly stay in this position as much possible.

Benefits Of Dhanurasana

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Strengthens thighs, chest & back
  3. Improves posture

9. Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose


Warrior pose one of the most graceful asanas. However to perform this stand straight with legs apart & turn your right out in such a way that it makes 90 degree.

Now lift both the arms sideways to the height of shoulder while bending your right knee.

Get your head to right side and stretch whole body, Lastly hold on to this position.

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Benefits Of Virabhadrasana

  1. Stretches chest, lungs, shoulders and neck
  2. Strengthens shoulders and arms
  3. Stretches thighs, calves, and ankles

10. BalasanaChild’s Pose


Generally you may have seen such type of pose mainly done by child. To perform this asana is very easy just sit on the floor sit on the knees while legs facing outwards.

Stretch your arms and back straight as much possible & Lastly hold on this position.

Benefits Of Balasana

  1. Calms brain and relieve stress
  2. Gently stretches hips, thighs, and ankles
  3. Relieves back and neck pain

Losing Weight From Yoga

Losing Weight From Yoga

So now an inquiry – Can you truly get in shape from yoga ? Initially, on the off chance that somebody demotivates you that it doesn’t helps in weight reduction or it’s not quick enough to consume the calories.

At that point there are numerous yoga weight loss stories and articles everywhere on the web which shows how yoga changed the life or how it assisted with loosing ton of weight.

Simply be positive and get yourself away from negativity.

However Yoga definitely helps in weight loss if followed daily with a proper diet chart. Lets see the science behind loosing weight from it.

To loose weight all you have to do is take limited number of calories while burning the extra one with the workout or exercise.

Yoga possess various Asanas i.e, different physical activities (body postures) which helps in increasing flexibility & Strengthen muscles.

It not only burn calories but keep you physically & mentally fit.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Thus, Loosing weight can be really stressful and frustrating if you are mentally stable it will make the journey more soothing.

Numerous investigations have analyzed that individuals with day by day yoga routine lost more weight then other with various exercise and activities.

Here is when it is the best, While it may not burn as much calories as different activities. Like swimming, running yet it can build adaptability and strength, which helps in weight reduction.

Lastly On the off chance that you need to free weight simply add Yoga to every day schedule and let wizardry occurs.

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Yoga Benefits

Lastly we know the advantages of certain Asanas referenced above . While there are so many numerous others yoga benefits you should know.

So how about we investigate top Yoga benefits Physically & Mentally.

Yoga Benefits

Physical Benefits Of Yoga

  1. Improves flexibility and balance
  2. Increased muscle strength and tone
  3. Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  4. Maintaining good metabolism
  5. Weight loss
  6. Improves cardio and circulatory health
  7. Helps you manage stress
  8. Protection from injury

Mental benefits Of Yoga

Moreover beside the actual advantages, the best advantage of it is the way it assists an individual in pressure situation.

Yoga not only benefit in getting physically fit but it is the best way you can keep yourself mentally fit.

Moreover with the help of yoga you can keep away yourself from negativity unnecessary stress & thinking. While keeping moods more stable and energetic.


Yoga is the best thing an individual should add to every day way of life it helps in weight reduction as well as has ton of numerous advantages.

In Conclusion if done daily with proper guidelines and following a healthy lifestyle it can transform the person life.

Subsequent to doing yoga you will feel more energetic and trust me it will be truly useful in loosing weight easily. Moreover all the above mentioned are the best & easy top 10 yoga poses ( Asanas) to lose weight.

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