Top 7 Weight Gain Exercise: Best Workout Plan To Gain Weight Quickly

Weight gain exercise, if you want to put on weight you may come up with different new techniques. People with lean body consistently checkout the most ideal approach to put on weight.

However exercise is one of the best way a person can gain or loose weight. Thus, it depends on the workout plan you opt for.

Moreover this article will help you in gaining weight with top 7 weight gain exercise and best workout plan that actually works.

In addition we have mentioned some of the tips and strategy you should implement to make it quick and simple.

Weight Gain Exercise For Male & Female

Weight Gain Exercise For Male & Female

Although the weight gain exercise mentioned below are some of the best one to help you put on weight.

But in addition of exercises food plays a major role as body gain or loose weight on amount of calories intake.

So, we have also made a complete food list to help you gain weight. Lastly this are the top and best exercise –

Bench Press

Bench Press is one of the best weight gain exercise if you want to gain weight on upper body.

This exercise helps to activate chest muscles and also one of the best in shaping back, triceps and much more.

However you need to be very careful in lifting weight and should be done under proper guidelines.

Bench Press

How To Do Bench Press

To begin with you need a barbell and a bench so you can checkout the best one from below. Just lie on the bench with chest up and back curved while hand raising up.

Hold the barbell with hand bring it near to the chest while bending elbows and raise back again.


Pull-ups is one of the most suitable exercise which helps to activate whole upper body.

It strengthens the upper body but can be difficult to start in beginning. However you can do it with the help of rubber band.


How To Do Pull Ups

Basically to do pull-ups you need a good stand to pull your whole body. So to start with just hold a pull up bar with both hands at a shoulder width.

Take feet off ground and start to pull the body up with hands and get back again to the starting position. Follow this movement.


Push up is one of the best & most effective exercise to gain weight on upper body as it did not need any equipment and can be done anywhere.

It is considered best as it target all the muscles of the body in a single movement.


How to Push Ups

To begin with this just get in a plank position. Then get your hands and legs on the ground while the whole body is in the air.

With the help of hands get your body down slowly while bending elbows then again lift it up.


Although above mentioned weight gain exercise are helpful for upper body.

Deadlift is the most effective and best weight gain exercise for lower body & core.

However you need to know perfect form and must not lift too much as it may cause injury.


How To Do Deadlift

To begin with this all you need is barbell with weight on the ground. Stand straight upright with legs shoulder width, grab the barbell with both the hands.

Gradually start lifting barbell while back and chest straight, get the weight up to the waist. Hence get the barbell again back to the ground slowly and repeat the reps.

Seated Cable Row

It is a wonderful exercise to put on weight on your back and shoulder.

This exercise fortifies the back, shoulder and arms, anyway it is quite possibly the best for lower back and should be added in weight gain workout.

Seated Cable Row

How To Do Seated Cable Row

It is a pulling exercise all you need is a proper machine to start on. Seat down on the bench with back straight and chest up while in this position grab the bar with both the hands. Slowly start pulling it back and again to start position, follow the movement.

Exercise To Gain Weight On Hips

While all the above mentioned weight gain exercise are for upper body & back.

So to target the lower body and put on weight on hips mentioned below are one of the best for your workout plan.


Squats are one of the main and most pleasant exercise if you want to put weight on hips and lower body.

Moreover it not only effective in putting weight but also improves the body posture.

Exercise To Gain Weight On Hips

How To Do Squats

To begin with this all you have to do is stand straight while both the legs at shoulder width. While in this position extend both the arms in front and try to go down as much possible while hips facing outwards.

Hence get low as much possible and start going up on starting position. Get your movement slow while exerting pressure on legs and hips.


Lunges are one of the most convenient and complete lower body exercise.

It can be done anytime and anywhere but all you have to make sure is do it in right form and movement. It also shapes lower body.


How To Do Lunges

To begin with this stand straight & put one step forward at 90 degree. While in this position keep your chest area straight and weight on front leg.

Now return to the normal beginning position and change the leg while following the similar movement.

How To Gain Weight Quickly

So basically if you want to gain fast is taking calories more while burning less.

Anyway above mentioned exercises helps in put on weight but with a good lifestyle and some general tips you can gain much faster.

The following tips will help a person to gain weight quickly and more efficiently.

How To Gain Weight Quickly

Weight Training

Although above mentioned exercise are the best to gain weight. Hence weight training at least 3-4 times a week is essential in gaining healthy weight and maintaining muscles.

While you are working out you must have a proper calorie intake to make sure you are giving enough to put on weight.

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Carbs & Fats

Basically the most number of calories you get from is carbohydrates and fats. It increases the calories amount in diet and additionally give adequate energy.

However you should include food rich in carbs & fats. Hence, go for healthy fat which we get from nuts, fish etc and avoid the unhealthy fats from junk foods.

weight gain exercise


Taking a proper diet with adequate amount of protein will help in muscle development which results in weight gain.

Essentially if you intake protein amount same as body weight it increases muscle mass a lot quicker.

One of the best and basic to gain weight is expanding the protein amount in diet. However you can add whey protein in your diet which is best in competing protein demand


As we are talking a lot about calories and believe me if you want to put on weight. Increase the calories intake in a diet as it is the only way you can gain much quicker then anything else.

Although the basic science which revolves around weight gain is when you eat you intake calories.

It differ in every food and the amount of calorie needed by body will be used whereas the left one will be stored in form of fat which helps in put on weight.

However if you want to put on healthy weight easily and quicker then workout 3-4 times a week.

Intake enough amount of calories while burning less this will make it much faster.

Weight Gaining Food List

As it is already mentioned above & one of the most important tip for weight gaining is to increase calorie intake.

However below is the complete list of food which have high amount of calories and must be included in your daily diet.

Weight Gaining Food List

Food Calories

Avocado (1) – 322 calories

Rice ( 1 cup) – 216 calories

Peanut Butter (100 gm) – 588 calories

Chicken (100 gm ) – 239 calories

Sunflower seeds (100 gm) – 584 calories

Nuts (100 gm) – 567 calories

Cheese (100 gm) – 402 calories

Bread (100 gm) – 265 calories

Chips (100 gm) – 536 calories

Above mentioned food are high in calories and you can add it in your diet to increase calories intake. Moreover with this you can go for mass gainer which are good source of calories and other nutrients


In conclusion all the above mentioned exercise and tips are truly outstanding and viable to gain some genuine weight. Although to begin with this journey you need to have patience and don’t give up quickly.

All you need to take care is of eating as it is main factor behind all the hard work. Eat right and enough so body can store and this help in weight gain.

Thus above mentioned weight gain exercise and workout plan for weight gain is best and most effective to go for

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