11 Best Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Workout Routine At Home & Gym

The best shoulder exercise or shoulder workout routine you should opt for? On the off chance that you need to get the best for your shoulder and build few muscles.

However confused about the right way, we have covered all your queries with right solutions to make it quick and simple.

Shoulder muscles develop much quicker then other muscles if trained right. Moreover building a decent shoulder can be exceptionally typical if you don’t hit the correct shoulder exercise.

Thus to make it simple and snappy we have referenced some of the best tips and strategy to go for.

Shoulder Muscles & Bones

Shoulder Workout Routine

Essentially to begin with the shoulder building. You need to hit the shoulder muscles right and to do so an essential information about shoulder is required.

The shoulder is comprised up of three bones: the clavicle, scapula, humerus and some muscles. The largest of this shoulder muscle is deltoid.

Various fibers of the muscle are responsible for various activities, including raising the arm and helping the muscle in the chest.

Moreover one significant capacity of the deltoid is preventing shoulder dislocation when an individual lifts heavy objects.

Shoulder is comprised of three heads – front delt, side delt and rear delt. Thus, to build good muscular shoulder you need to work on all three of them.

Best Shoulder Exercise

Some of the various other shoulder muscles are

Trapezius – Triangular shaped muscle which runs down the spine and across shoulder while supporting arm.

Deltoids – It is also a triangular shaped muscle located on top of the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff – This group of muscles lie on the upper arm bone which supports it and not let it jump out from the shoulder joint.

Rhomboids – It is rhombus shaped muscle which are located in middle of shoulder blades and upper back.

Latissimus Dorsi – As the name describes it is broadest muscles in back. Mostly known as you lat muscles.

levator Scapulae – As name suggests it helps in lifting scapula bone.

Teres Major – It is small muscle which runs from under shoulder to the back of armpit.

Lastly above mentioned muscle are some of the various one present in shoulder.

However to build a good muscular looking shoulder you need to train this muscle with best shoulder exercise\workout.

To do so below mentioned shoulder exercise are best in business to train all the muscles

Top 11 Shoulder Exercise

Although mentioned shoulder workout & exercise are best for shoulder building which covers all the muscles.

A proper shoulder workout chart and exercise routine at home is covered too

1. Overhead Shoulder Press

Top 11 Shoulder Exercise

It is also referred as military press. This press works on your deltoids along with chest, triceps and upper back muscles.

It is one of the great exercise and probably the best for building good shoulders.

However you need to be very careful while lifting weight as slight mistake may cause big injuries.

How To Do Overhead Press

Stand straight while chest up and back straight. Hold the bar in hand with a proper grip and lift the weight to upper chest.

Keep your elbows straight while weight in hand and slowly lift the weight over the head. Hence bring weight back to starting position and follow the movement (reps).

2. Front Raise

Front Raise

It strengthens the shoulder and works on the anterior deltoids and upper chest as well. It is mainly a isolation exercise for shoulder flexion.

This exercise primarily targets the front part of the shoulder and also the side part thus, a complete exercise for shoulder.

How To Do Front Raise

To begin with all you have to do is stand straight with legs shoulder width. Grab a plate in hand in front of body and start to raise it to the top of head slowly while focusing on shoulders.

Now lift it back again to the starting position, Follow the movement.

3. One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

As the name itself suggest one arm lateral raise you have to do with single arm at a time. It works on the lateral deltoid.

Along with this back, upper trap, and various other muscle are included in movement. Thus, it benefits in increasing shoulder mobility.

How To Do Cable Lateral Raise

So to start with firstly stand straight while cable at sidewards. Hold the cable in outward arm.

Now gradually lift the weight sideways of the body while stretching out full arm up to the shoulder height.

At that point gradually lower it back to the beginning position and follow the reps.

4. Barbell Shrugs

Barbell Shrugs

It is one of the best exercise for developing strength in shoulder and upper back. Basically it targets the trapezius and rhomboids.

Hence one of the all rounder of exercise which not only strengthens but improves posture too.

How To Do Barbell Shrugs

All you have to do is stand tall holding a barbell in hands. Keeps the barbell outside of thighs while in this position lift your shoulder up as much possible and hold for few seconds.

Then lower back it to the normal position and follow these movement.

5. Shoulder Fly

Shoulder Fly

As the name this exercise movement look like a flying. It works on the deltoid muscles. However this movement strengthens as well best for stretching whole shoulder.

How To Do Shoulder Fly

Thus one of the easiest exercise mentioned of all. Get on a machine grab the bars and stretch whole shoulder outwards.

Follow the movement slow and steady.

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6. Inclined Bench Press

Inclined Bench Press

However this must be your key exercise in chest workout. But is one of the best to add this in your shoulder workout as it not only work on your pecs but activates the shoulder muscles.

It targets the front delts of the shoulder

How To Do Inclined Bench Press

To begin with set your bench (15-30) Degrees. Grab the barbell in hands at a shoulder width and raise it above the head.

Now bring back slowly to the starting position and follow this movement.

Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells

Although all the above shoulder exercise need a barbell or machine. Hence mentioned below are some of the best shoulder exercise with dumbbells you can go for.

7. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells

One of the best exercise for shoulder i.e, Press. It works on the deltoids, triceps, traps, and upper chest muscle.

It can be done while seating or standing but while standing muscle activation is 7 percent more.

How To Do Dumbbell Shoulder Press

So as mentioned above you can opt for standing or seating. While in any position grab two dumbbells in hand.

Get your back straight and raise the weight above head. Then return back to the starting position and follow the reps.

8. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Lateral raise is one of the best in business. That is basically targeting the lateral head of the deltoid.

As above mentioned exercise covers all the muscles of shoulder but dumbbell just adds variation to it.

How To Dumbbell Lateral Raise

So to begin with all you have to do is sit or stand with dumbbell in each hand. Keep the chest up while back straight and slowly lift the weight outwards.

Stretch your shoulder as much possible and get back to the starting position.

Follow the Reps

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Shoulder Workout At Home

So if you are stuck some where or don’t have enough time to go gym and train your shoulder.

Hence, to make it simple for you to train it anywhere effectively you can go with underneath referenced shoulder work out.

9. Pull-Ups

Shoulder Workout At Home

Pull up is one the best and regular exercise you can go for. It strengthens the arms and shoulder. Subsequently it works most on the forearms and shoulders.

Moreover it activates the whole upper body and should be included in at home shoulder workout.

How To Do Pull-Ups

So to start with this all you need is pull up bar or object at height. Grab the bar with your hands and slowly start pulling your whole body up.

Get to the shoulder height then get back again to starting position.

Follow this movement slow & steady.

10. Dips

Shoulder Workout

Dips are upper body strengthening exercise. It is upper body pressing exercise which helps in building strong and bigger shoulder.

Moreover with this it also works on triceps, chest and back also.

How To Do Dips

So to begin with this get into position with bench behind the body. Get both the arms on bench while legs straight.

Now with the help of both arms get your body down then again lift it back up.

Follow this movement while concentrating on shoulder.

11. Hindu Push-Ups

Shoulder Exercise At Home

Again a upper body strengthening exercise. It is beneficial on building upper body while done with proper form it can also strengthen lower back and core.

Moreover it also works on triceps and pectoral muscles.

How To Do Hindu Push-Ups

To begin with this firstly get in push up position. Now push both the hands on floor and drive weight back while hips rise into air.

Get your back straight and lower body in arcing movement in such a way that chest get downwards to ground. Continue this movement and follow the reps.

All the above mentioned shoulder exercise are best in building good muscular shoulders.

However if you only have dumbbells for shoulder workout then you can go with the best shoulder exercise mentioned.

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Basically building a good shoulder is not that difficult if you have good knowledge about the shoulder muscles.

Thus, it make it more easy as you know which muscles to hit. Moreover all the above mentioned exercises are best in business which will boost up your shoulder. If you cant go for barbell and machine just a dumbbell is enough.

Whether you can hit gym or not you can go with in at home workout. In conclusion a complete ultimate guide for shoulder exercise and shoulder workout you should opt for.

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