2021 Best Biceps Workout: Top 7 Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

What should be an ideal biceps workout or exercises for bigger arms ?

Good biceps or bigger arms are the main ingredient in a good physique & are mainly noticed. The biceps are a little muscle, yet to develop them requires investment and knowledge.

In the event that you need to develop the size of biceps you should definitely add this top exercises in your biceps workout.

However biceps may not be the greatest or the most strongest muscle bunch in your body, yet your biceps are ostensibly the best “show” muscles.

Best Biceps Workout

Practically to train biceps muscle is pretty simple all you have to mainly focus on is curls. Today, there is a bewildering number of exercises to draw out each vein, lump, and top in your biceps muscle.

If you want bigger & muscular arms you need to train both the muscles i.e, biceps and triceps.

But before starting & getting killer biceps, you should know the basic science behind biceps.

What is Biceps ?

The term Biceps means “two-headed muscle of the arm” ( biceps brachii ) it is large muscle sitting in the front of the upper arm between the shoulders and hence the elbow.

The biceps brachii is a muscle present in the arms, therefore there are two parts, a long part and a short part. The use of elbow muscles helps in Forearms movement.

What is Biceps

As the muscles contract, it bends the elbows & twist forearms to face the palms of the hands. Both parts of the muscle start at different areas of the shoulder blade but end at the forearms.

Basically if you want bigger arms you need to train three muscles group present on upper arms-

Biceps Brachii – It is a two-headed muscle.

Brachialis – It lies deep to the biceps brachii, and is found much away than the other muscles of the arm

Coracobrachialis – It lies deep to the biceps brachii in the arm.

Whenever we see someone with good biceps and arms the basic strategy is he has trained all the muscle groups of the upper arm.

Lastly, to get good and big arms, you have to hit these major muscle groups.

Top 7 Biceps Exercises

Moreover the exercises described below are some of the best for bigger arms to include in your biceps workout.

1. Barbell Curl

One of the most basic and best exercise. Barbell curl hits all the major muscle groups of biceps while you can also play with your grip for more intensity.

You can basically take a wider grip or go with normal grip.

However in normal grip it will hit the long head of the muscle whereas wider grip will focus more on short head of the muscle.

Lastly barbell curl is must do exercise & you should definitely add it to your biceps workout for mass.

Top 7 Biceps Exercises

How To Do Barbell Curl

Stand straight with chest up with barbell in hand, keep hands outside of hips.

Holding your chest and elbows tight at the edges, start the curl by raising your arms slightly so that you feel your biceps is flexing.

While maintaining tension on biceps, bend the bar to shoulder level, give biceps a squeeze.

Start slowly lowering the bar, keeping your biceps tight and engaging as much muscle work as possible

2. Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Research has shown that incline curls activates the muscles of the biceps more than any other biceps exercises.

Inclined curl usually done on inclined bench and therefore the movement usually targets the large biceps brachii muscle.

Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

How To Do Incline Dumbbell Curl

To start with this exercise basically you need dumbbell and bench on inclined position.

Sit down on a bench with back straight and chest up. Lift the dumbbell, raise your palms to shoulders.

It is important to keep your upper arm tight so that you can isolate the biceps brachii muscles when the lower arm is only moving.

Slowly lower the dumbbells to starting point & repeat the curls

3. Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is most effective to build stronger biceps muscles.

Basically it is a variation in simple curls which helps to target both the upper arm & lower arm simultaneously.

However it is one of the strongest curls during bicep workout and during this curls elbow, wrist & forearms are most activated.

Hammer Curl

How To Do Hammer Curl

Start by two dumbbells at your side, Keep your elbows closed and upper arms tightly closed while palms facing inwards.

Folding dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can start curls. Pause for a moment, then slowly get to the starting position.

4. Concentration Curl

As the name itself suggest this exercise generally concentrates on biceps muscles & moreover shows the highest amount of activation.

When you stretch your arms toward your body during concentration curl it place more focus on long head of the biceps which basically forms the top of the biceps.

Concentration Curl

How To Do Concentration Curl

Sit on a bench that is placed at a height so that your knees are bent straight with feet on the floor.

Take dumbbell in your any hand and place the back of your hand on the thighs.

Your arms should be stretched to hold the weight of the ground with your forearms.

At the top of the movement squeeze your biceps, then slowly lower your weight back to the beginning.

5. Standing One Arm Curl

The standing one arm curl on inclined bench is one of the most intense biceps dumbbell workout.

Basically it put all the tension and pressure on single biceps & is the best exercise to correct biceps size, strength & imbalances.

However it is one of the best exercises for focusing more on single arm and must done in biceps workout.

Biceps Exercises

How to do Standing One Arm Curl

Start this exercise by placing your arms on inclined bench with the dumbbell in hand while palm facing upwards.

While in this position slowly start your curl and focus on movement.

6. E-Z Bar Preacher Curl

Hence this curl is great alternative of straight barbell curl if you experience pain during movement.

However this curl maximizes bicep muscle growth & have same importance as straight barbell curls.

E-Z Bar Preacher Curl

How To Do E-Z Bar Preacher Curl

Sit on a bench and hold the EZ bar with your shoulder width apart. Grip the barbell with underhand while palms facing up & You can also use both narrow or wide grip.

While you are in this position start your curls slowly and try to squeeze biceps at top of the movement.

7. Cable Biceps Curl

However cable curl is best if you add it in your drop set after finishing the biceps workout. Basically this curl targets the whole biceps.

Cable Biceps Curl

How To Do Cable Curl 

Raise the wire by attaching a straight bar to the bottom pulley wire and choose the right weight you want to continue.

Stand facing the wire machine with the shoulder width apart. Take the bar in your hand with lower hand grip. Place the elbows near the waist at fixed position.

Start the curls while focusing on biceps while squeezing it at top of the movement.

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Tips For Best Biceps Workout

However to get stronger biceps and bigger arms all you have to mainly focus is proper biceps workout routine.

Although there are many other factors that need to be put into practice while you workout to make most out of it & make the exercises more effective.

Tips For Best Biceps Workout

High Reps – Basically you need to get high reps as it will activates the biceps more and will provide you a good Pump

Grip – One of the most common mistake, you should go with the grip which is comfortable & try not to copy others as grip may differ.

Anyway the grip should be right as it plays a significant job in hitting the specific muscle bunch during biceps exercise.

Weight – Biceps are one of those body parts which doesn’t require too hefty load to make generally out of it.

Thus, essentially go with the weight which doesn’t upset the form and make the exercise awkward.

Best Biceps Exercises

Form – Another regular misstep during biceps exercise i.e, not getting the form and movement right.

As you curl with the right form it will generally make the biceps exercise more extreme and will give a decent lift to the biceps.

Break -Take an appropriate and less stretch break during the exercises as it might upset your pump and intensity.


As all the things considered getting bigger arms is not a serious deal. However if you follow this 7 Exercises with proper tips and dedication you can train your biceps with more intensity.

Curls are the key when bulking up your biceps & basically go while Counting down your reps it will help you push through hard sets. Lastly train both the triceps & biceps for more muscular arms.

Hence it is one of the best biceps workout and exercises at home or gym.

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