10 Best Back Exercise : Back Workout Routine At Home & Gym

So what should be an ideal back exercise or back workout for V- shaped back. Moreover we are going to talk about top 10 back exercise which can help you to achieve that.

Back is one of the Major muscle of body and important to train for getting a good physique.

Although while selecting this exercise a complete strategy was implemented with results.

As we need to get the best one for our back muscles finally add this in your workout routine and it will boost up your back.

Best Back Exercise

Moreover while working on back you ought to have an appropriate information about your back muscles we have referenced further.

Hence, the back workout & exercise selected vary to each other with different movements and how much muscles it stimulates

Top 10 Back Exercise

Mentioned below are some of the best back exercise which hits different muscle group of back.

1. Deadlift

As the name itself suggest dead lift that is picking up dead weight from floor. It is one of the major and best weight training exercise.

It increases core strength, stability and improves the posture. Moreover it helps in burning belly fat.

Thus a complete back exercise in building back muscles as well as lower body and must be included in a back workout.

However while lifting deadlift one need to be very careful about the form.

In addition while performing the spine should not get rounded as it may lead in injuries.

Top 10 Back Exercise

How to to Deadlift

So to begin with get a barbell with weight on the ground. Get your legs shoulder apart and stand straight while barbell just below the body.

Now get your body lower to the barbell and grab it with hand while whole body upright and chest outwards.

Lastly start lifting it slowly while chest up and stand straight with the weight. Hold and get the weight back to floor slowly and steady. Follow this movement.

2. Barbell Row

Rows are the main key ingredient in building V-shaped back. It is primarily a pulling exercise which stretches and trains upper lower back and hips.

It also majorly focuses on the shoulder and Biceps.

Moreover grip plays an important role as you can go for upper hand grip or with Lower hand grip. Lastly be careful about the form.

Back workout

How To Do Barbell Row

So to begin with firstly get a barbell with weight and let it on the floor. Stand straight while legs shoulder apart and grab the barbell in hands.

Now start bending the back lower with barbell in hands and legs straight.

Now hold the body in bending position and start pulling barbell back with arms. Follow this movement slowly while focusing on back muscles.

3. Seated Cable Row

It might be better then bent over for those who have trouble with Lower back and hips. As the name itself suggest rows while seated and focuses on the back muscles.

Moreover it helps in building and training the muscles of middle back, upper back, shoulder, neck and upper arm.

Seated Cable Row

How To Do Seated Cable Row

So to begin with get on a machine with cable and a proper handle. Now get in a seating position with chest upwards and whole body straight.

Grab the handle with hands and try pulling it back near to the body while squeezing the back and again to the starting position.

Follow this movement slowly while squeezing and focusing on back muscles.

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4. Single Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise do a great job as it target both the back and core. Moreover single arm row works on your entire back as well as different muscle groups of shoulder and arms.

It also helps in activating upper biceps. This row is one of the most effective in building your back muscles and also targets different muscle groups.

A must needed back workout with dumbbells

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

How To Do Single Arm Row

To begin with stand straight with a dumbbell in single hand. Now bend your back and keep opposite leg on bench while supporting with another arm.

Start pulling Dumbbell completely back and again back to starting position. Follow this movement steady and slowly.

5. Lat Pull Down

It is one of the best strength training exercise and also the best for building back muscles. It strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle the biggest muscle in back.

Moreover it also promote spinal stability and good posture. A must needed exercise for back and should be added in back workout.

Lat Pull Down

How To Do Lat Pull Down

So to begin with grab a bar with proper grip. Get in a proper position with chest up and back straight while retracting shoulder blades.

Now slowly pull the bar near to the chest and again back to starting position. Follow this movement while concentrating on muscles.

6. Close Grip Pull Down

Another variation to lat pull down and also one of the best pulling exercise. As the name itself suggest close Grip which primarily works on lats ( V-Shaped muscles).

As to build a good back we need to target this muscle and pull down are the best in business.

Close Grip Pull Down

How To Do Close Grip Pull Down

So to begin with you need to grab a bar with close grip. Take a proper position while pulling the bar near to you with proper form while squeezing back muscles.

Get the bar again to starting position and follow this movement. Just get it done slow and steady

Although all the above mentioned back exercise focus on different back muscles and helps in building good V-Shaped Back.

Back Workout At Home

If you want to build a good back but not able to make it out in gym and train back muscles.

To make it easy mentioned below are some of the best back exercises and back workout at home.

7. Pull-Ups

A complete all rounder exercise i.e, pull ups. It not only helps in building back muscles but also focuses on biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, shoulder and core.

It is one of the most efficient of all and can train the lats muscles. A must needed and best exercise at home workout.

Although as beginner pull up can be very typical so try to do it with some support.

Back Workout At Home

How To Do Pull-Ups

So to do a pull up is one of the easiest in all the mentioned. Grab a bar with proper grip and start pulling your whole body to top at shoulder level.

Now slowly get back to starting position follow this movement steady while focusing on the back muscles.

8. Squats

So you may have done this before while training your legs. In addition to lower body squats are also one the best to target core and back muscles.

It implies pressure on back which not only make it stronger but also strengthens it. Moreover it is also a great one to reduce back pain.


How To Do Squats

To begin with just stand upright while legs shoulder apart. Get your arms extended while hips outwards bend your knees and slowly start to get lower as much possible.

Lastly maintain proper form and get to starting position. Follow this movement slow and steady.

9. Plank

It strengthen the back, shoulder, chest, neck and core. Moreover one of the ultimate back exercise for at home workout.

It not only helps in building back but also the most efficient in calorie burning.

Plank engages different muscle groups at a time which make it easy to train all the muscles in single go.

It is also considered the most effective for burning the fat around abdomen.


How To Do Plank

Although to do a plank is quite simple all you have to do is just get in push up position. Now get your elbow and legs straight to ground while body in air.

Hold the position as much possible while maintaining proper balance.

Moreover you can go with different plank (position) which targets different parts of the muscle group.

10. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is considered as one of the best stretching exercise. It strengthens the latissimus dorsi (Lats) the biggest muscle of the back and also focuses on different muscle group.

Lastly a must do exercise at home workout for building a good back.

Best Back Exercise

How To Do Cobra Pose

To begin with this just lie down on the floor while chest downward. Now get both the arms straight on the ground and with the help of it stretch whole upper body.

While in this position hold it as much possible.

Back Muscles

Although when you want to build a good back you must have some basics knowledge about your back muscles.

As it make it easy for you to understand the movement while targeting the muscle groups.

Back Muscles

Basically the muscles of back can be divided into three groups

Superficial group – it is also known as appendicular group as it is associated with appendicular skeleton movement

It is composed of trapezius, latissimus dorsi , rhomboid major and minor and levator scapulae.

Intermediate Group – it is also known as respiratory group as it helps in respiratory function. It is composed of serratus posterior inferior and serratus posterior superior.

Deep Group – It is also known as intrinsic group as its embryological origin in back. It is further divided into four groups.

Therefore let no go much Deep as this are the three different major group of back

While working on your back you need to hit this three different major groups

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Back Exercise
  1. What is the best workout for back ?

Basically it is one of the most common and major asked questions. Moreover the best back workout includes all the back exercise which hits different back muscles groups.

So if you may be wondering about the best then all the mentioned above exercise hits different muscles which helps in building good V-Shaped back.

Although all this exercise combined makes and ideal and killer back workout you should generally go for.

2. How many back exercises should you do?

So it May vary to each person but as an average you can generally go for 6-7 back exercise with three sets of 10-12 reps.

Giving body a proper rest to recover is much needed for building muscles .

3. How do i get the V shape ?

As above already mentioned lats are the broadest muscle of the back which is generally V-Shaped.

So for building a V shape back you need to train the lats. Above mentioned exercise are one of the best to go for.

4. What should I train with back?

So while working out on your back you can also go for other body part. However shoulder, biceps and abs are included in the muscles when you do some of the back exercise.

You can go with any of this with your back workout


In conclusion we have mentioned top 10 best exercise for back. An ideal back Workout to go for also you can train your back at home workout with some of the best exercise. However while working out on your back be careful about the form and try to do every exercise slow and steady.

Lastly if you want to build a good V-shaped back follow all the back exercise and workout mentioned.

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