Reduce Belly Fat With 7 Top Exercises: Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Easily

So what should be ideal exercises to reduce belly fat for female & male at home or Gym.

One of the most common problem faced by most of us that is increase in fat & weight. When you think about losing it the journey can be typical without proper guide and knowledge.

However following some of the best exercise you can loose your stomach fat easily.

Moreover belly weight can lead to many other various disease.While loosing it not only improve your shape but health also.

Reduce Belly Fat

To make it more easy and efficient we have provided. Some of the best exercise to reduce belly fat for female and male both

Belly Fat Types

So before starting lets have some basic information about the fat present in belly.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Easily

There are two types of belly fat.

Visceral – This fat covers the person organ
Subcutaneous – This is the fat which lies under the skin

To reduce belly fat you need to target the second one which is present under the skin. Moreover the visceral one is more dangerous then other as it cover the organ .

In addition Heart attack a common disease now days and fat around the heart plays the major role.

Increase in Belly fat and increase in weight leads to overweight which can cause many other harmful disease.

Belly Fat Causes

exercise for belly fat

There are many factor responsible for it. However mentioned below are some of the common causes which is due to the type of lifestyle followed.


The most common cause of belly fat is diet. It plays a major role in person health whether you gain or loose all revolve around the diet.

In today’s time the food we intake whether restaurant one or junk it possess too much of calories.

Sugary food such as soda, juice, candies, cakes can lead to weight gain while slowing down person metabolism. Such types of food can also slow down the ability to burn fat.

However the main cause of increase in belly fat is due to the diet and majority of food we intake.

Belly Fat Causes


As mentioned above the food and diet followed possess too much amount of calories. So to burn them off person need to workout and exercise daily.

However due to lack of exercise extra calories are generally stored in body In form of fat.

Another major cause of increase in belly fat is due to not following a proper workout and exercising.

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Yes it can play a vital role in increasing belly fat. When a person is in stress or tension a steroid hormone cortisol is released which impacts on metabolism.

According to study a person eat more then required in stress as result calories remain around the belly due to the impact in metabolism.



Consuming alcohol in excess amount can lead to many health problems. According to some reports too much of alcohol consumption also lead to increase in Belly fat for males.


What most of us have noticed that a child is born overweight if parents weight is more. All this depends upon the genetics of a person.

It may also lead to increase of fat with time due to the type of genes present.

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

As mentioned above the causes of belly fat . If you want to loose it fast and easily mentioned below are some of the best exercise to reduce belly fat for female and male at home.

1. Crunches

It is one of the classic core exercise. It targets the abdominal muscles part of core which can be really helpful while loosing some fat around it.

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

How To Do Crunches

So to begin with all you have to do is lie flat on the ground while both the hands on the head.

Keep the legs elevated and try to lift the upper body towards the leg. Focus on the core while lifting the body and follow this movement slow and steady.

2Mountain Climber

As the name suggests the movement somewhere look a like climbing a mountain. It sound simple but this exercise almost the entire body and raise heart rate.

It targets the core while improving strength, endurance and agility.

 Mountain Climber

How To Do Mountain Climber

So to start with firstly get in a plank position. Get both the hands straight to the ground and lift the upper body while both the feet on ground.

Keep body elevated and bend the right knee toward chest and left leg straight. Now exchange the legs in every movement and follow it slow and steady.

3. Burpee

It is one of the most challenging and calories burning exercise of all. Moreover it targets the full body while building muscle strength and endurance in upper as well as lower body.

Burpee is considered as one of the best exercise to lose stomach fat.


How To Do Burpee

Basically it  is divided in two parts that is jumping and push ups. So to begin with get in squat position with knees bent and back straight.

Start off while taking a jump and get to the floor with feet and hands on ground. Do a push up get quickly up and follow the movement.

4. V-Up

It helps in building core strength while focusing at different areas of core at single time. Moreover it is one of the best exercise to lose lower belly fat.

It might be difficult to hold on in beginning so you can go with easy form.


How To Do V-Up

It is familiar with boat pose a yoga Asana. So to start with firstly get on a floor in seated position with feet and hands on floor.

While contracting the abdominal muscles lift the legs upwards. Reach arms straight to the legs and hold on this posture as much possible. Follow it slow and steady.

5. Plank

It is an excellent core and abdominal exercise. It focuses on the core muscles to build strength  and you can loose belly fat while holding on to this exercise.

exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week

How To Do Plank

It is one of the easiest exercise of all. To begin with this all you have to do is just get in a push up position.

While in this get your elbows and feet to the ground. Keep the body elevated and hold on to it as much possible.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Another variation to the Crunches. It targets the abdomen part of body and stimulates the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

How To Do Bicycle Crunches

So to start with just lie flat on the ground. Get both the hands behind the head.

Now lift one leg from ground and extend it outwards. While in this position bend the other leg towards chest.

Keep the elbow and hand at one place inter change both the legs  position in every movement. Follow it slow and steady

7. Leg In & Out

It is one of the most challenging as well as belly fat targeting exercise. It works on the abs, lower back and quadriceps as well.

Moreover can also be considered as best exercise to burn belly fat .

Leg In & Out

How To Do Leg In & Out

So to start with it just lie flat on the ground Get your body in V- like shape.

To get this get the whole body on hips and while maintaining balance get both the legs elevated.

When in this position bring the legs close to the chest as much possible, squeeze and get back to the starting position. Follow it slow and concentrate on belly

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How To Lose Stomach Fat Easily

Although all the above mentioned exercises are the best one to loose belly fat. Moreover if you apply some of the extra strategy with it get you lose belly fat more easily.


As already mentioned above it plays a major role in belly fat. If you want to make it more soothing go for a diet plan.

It will get you loose stomach fat much easier and faster as the diet plan focus more on the nutrients and less on calories.

exercise to lose stomach fat


If you want to make this journey a bit faster avoid alcohol. Especially for males if effect a lot so try to avoid it as much possible.


Get the street level down and get a proper plenty of sleep. When you get your work with free mind you can get result a much quicker then the work with stress & tension.

Focus more on your goals and work for it.


Last but not least add yoga to your daily lifestyle. It will get you enough positive energy and according to reports it is one of the best way to loose weight and can help you in reducing stomach fat.

exercise for belly fat

It not only benefits physically but also keep you mentally fit and stable.

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It is one of the most important nutrient fir weight loss. A protein diet not only feed your hunger but provide body enough energy while not adding fat to the body.

You can also go for Whey Protein which help you to compete with body protein demands.

Lastly if you add exercise in your workout routine while implementing some of the major tips. It will help a person to achieve desired result quick and easy.

One can loose belly fat in 1 week if following a proper workout, diet and Yoga.

Belly Fat Reduce Food

Belly Fat Reduce Food

Food play an important role in weight gain or loose. If you might be wondering about some of the best food that will help you reduce fat while providing energy.

You can checkout some of the best one mentioned below you can go for daily routine.

Black Beans (100 g)

Calories - 109
Fat - 0.4 g
Sodium - 461 mg
Cabs - 20 g
Protein - 7 g
Avocado (100 g)

Calories - 160
Fat - 14.7 g
Sodium - 7 mg
Carbs - 8.5 g
Protein - 2 g
lose belly fat workout
Egg (Medium)

Calories - 63
Fat - 4 g
Carbs - 0.36 g
Protein - 6 g
Yogurt (1 Cup)

Calories - 149 g
Fat - 8 g
Sodium - 113 mg
Carbs - 11.4 g
Protein - 8.5 g
Oatmeal (1 Cup)

Calories - 140 g
Fat - 2.5 g
Sodium - 0 mg
Carbs - 28 g
Protein - 5 g

FAQs – Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat exercise

Q. How do I reduce my belly fat quickly ?

A. One of the most asked questions nowadays how to reduce fat quickly. So if you want to get your desired results firstly add the 7 exercises mentioned above in your daily workout routine.

To make this journey easy and quick follow a proper diet plan and avoid sugar and high calories food.

Moreover keep one thing in mind nothing comes easy and quick but with proper dedication you can achieve your desired results.

Q. What causes the most belly fat ?

A. As already mentioned above alcohol plays a major role in increase in Belly fat for male. However the diet and food you intake with lack of exercise also responsible for it.

What causes the most belly fat ?

Q. Exercise which burns the most belly fat ?

A. All the mentioned exercises are the best to burn the stomach fat however crunches are much effective and burns the most out of them .

Q. What food help burn belly fat fast ?

A. Firstly food does not burns the fat but some food can increase the rate of metabolism which will help in burning fat. Thus to burn belly fat go for exercise while not adding extra calories and fat  in body.

You can go for food which is less in calories with good nutrients. Lastly avoid trans fat or food with high fat content.

Above mentioned food are some of the best to add with belly fat workout.


In conclusion if a person want to reduce belly he should add this top 7 exercise for belly fat. While following a proper workout routine you should opt for a proper diet plan to make it much effective.

The journey is not that easy and quick however implementing some of the major factor will help you lose belly fat quick.

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