How To Do French Press Exercise : Best Triceps Workout At Home & Gym

If you are working on your triceps then you could have done many of the exercise. Hence French Press is one of the best as well as most important exercise for your triceps.

Hence most of us are doing it wrong so here’s how you can do it right in best form

So in this article we are going to cover about one of the best exercises for your triceps

Triceps are the small group of muscle which is present at back of your arms. It is as important as other body parts and need equal attention & should not be ignored.

Triceps need to be trained with biceps as it makes half of your arms .If you want great triceps you should workout as well as focus more on the diet.

French Press Exercise

It is generally the exercise to train your triceps more effectively also occasionally known as triceps extension.

It requires a barbell or EZ bar, Hence it strengthens your triceps and add a great boost to your arms.

What Is French Press

Nevertheless French press for triceps is one of the best exercises to go for.

If the triceps are underdeveloped then you should add it your workout to hit long head of triceps.

French Press Workout

Furthermore French Press is done in two ways while seated or lying.

Hence, we are doing both while lying & seating all you have to do is lay on your back keep your elbows straight up.

While in this position lower the bar behind your head & keeping elbows pointing up. Follow this movement and just go down as much as you can.

Key Points

  • Don’t Use Heavy Weight – This exercise contains the movements , which should be carefully done as it is close to your head . Heavy weight can lift your arm back, it could cause some serious damage to your muscle . You should be very careful about the weight you are using and don’t lift too heavy.
  • Form One of the most important factor in this exercise is. You should be very careful about the form as the form gets up down a little bit it may cause injuries. Don’t raise the elbows during the movement, otherwise the triceps will not be worked correctly.
Key Points For French Press
  • Grip – If you want to hit your triceps well and get most of this exercise . Then you should consider taking narrow grip & then press upwards with your arm and everything else locked at one place
  • Bar and Dumbbell – While doing press you can consider any of these as it can be done by both but look at your movements & Form you are more comfortable with. Hence, The E-Z bar is mainly recommended for it because of more comfortable grip & less painful on the wrists.

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Benefits Of French Press

French press Triceps exercise is one of the best while working on your triceps. It has some of the benefits which might other don’t provide.

As it strengthens your arms & it primarily targets all the heads of triceps and works on long head of it.

However while working on triceps one should go for this exercise.


Bicep and triceps both completely makes your arm so if you consider french press workout in gym it will provide a great boost to your arms.

Therefore because this movement is so effective, it is worth doing if you want massive arms.

FAQ French Press Triceps


Q. What muscles does a French press work?

A. It is most amazing exercise for triceps it primarily work on triceps. Moreover it is consider one of the best as it work on all three heads of triceps muscle.

Q. What is the difference between Skull Crusher & French Press. ?

A. Basically both the exercise works on triceps and the movement is similar in both. The only major difference between both is position that is skull crusher done while lying.

Whereas French Press exercise is done in seated position.

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