Dt Crossfit Workout : 2021 Best Dt Wod |Tips & Strategy|

Dt Crossfit Workouts is one of the most challenging workouts of all to excel in first attempt.

However this workout is combined of three exercises of 5 sets. It may sound easy to go on with three exercises but 5 sets/rounds exhaust the body completely.

The time taken to complete the 5 round may vary as for beginners and advanced. Thus, the score is what time taken to complete the 5 rounds.

Therefore we have mentioned below a proper strategy and tips to conquer the Dt crossfit workout with ease as a newbie.

Dt Workout

The Dt workout is generally performed in the honour of the hero Timothy P Davis a 28 year old USAF.

Who was killed on 28 of February in 2009 when his vehicle was struck by the IED at supporting operation in OEF.

It is also known as Hero Wod.

Dt CrossFit workout is generally combined of three exercises

  • Deadlift
  • Hang Power Cleans
  • Push Jerks

Athlete must need to complete the 5 rounds of this three exercises and it is also considered as one of the most intense workout to finish off.

As rounds pass the body get exhausted so you can drop off some weight to scale the rounds easily.

Dt Crossfit

Mentioned below are the three exercise to be done in workout in 5 rounds.


12 reps in each round with the weight (155/105 lb)

Dt crossfit workout

Deadlift is one of the most exciting and challenging exercise therefore finishing the 5 rounds can be difficult.

Deadlift increases the core strength , stability and improves the body posture.  It trains the most muscles of the body including  legs , lower back and core.

Lastly it is one of the best exercise but moreover you must be careful while lifting the weight.

How To Do Deadlift

So to start with firstly get the mentioned weight on the barbell.

Stand straight upright while weight on the ground get legs at shoulder apart and lowering the body with hips outwards grip the barbell.

Slowly lift the weight upwards while keeping the back straight and chest outwards follow this movement and reps.

Hang Power Cleans

9 reps in each round with the weight (155/105 lb)

Dt Crossfit Workout

Hang Power cleans is a variation to the simpler hang clean it works on the whole trapezius muscles.

However it is also a Olympic weight lifting movement which improves the power, strength and speed in the athletes.

Therefore It also stimulates the different muscles of the body with the forearms and traps the most.

How To Do Hang Power Cleans

So to begin with firstly get a both the legs at a should apart. Get both the hands on barbell with clean grip.

While  hips outwards chest and chin up lift the bar to the shoulder height. Lastly with a stable squat stand straight upright.

Follow this movement slow and steady while maintaining the proper balance.

Push Jerks

6 reps in each round with the weight  (155/105 lb)

Push Jerks

Push jerks or push press both trains and works on the shoulder, triceps and back muscles.

However It is one of the most challenging strength dominating movement which relies on the strength of shoulder, back and triceps.

How To Do Push Jerks

So to begin with keep feet at shoulder apart and grip the bar with the fingers while elbows facing forward.

Rest bar on the shoulder and get it above the head slowly and steadily. Push it through heels and get it above until both the arms are straight.

Follow this movement and reps.

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Dt Wod Strategy & Tips

Mentioned below are the strategy or tips you can go for to excel the dt crossfit workout with ease

CrossFit Dt Strategy


Take a proper and comfortable grip. You can go for hook grip for the easiest way to save minutes in your dt CrossFit workout.


While doing the workout keep a proper focus on breathing.

As many of us may go fast in this workout which can also lead to hold breathe on movements which exhaust the body early.


Stick to one strategy from beginning to end in every round.

As the first round may seem easy the break timing can be decreased and as round pass you can manage the time.

To finish the dt workout at time keep a proper break timing.


Keep the body hydrated while working out to make it easy and steady.

It is one of the great way to improve and gain stamina, strength and flexibility.

Water also regulates the body temp and lubricate the joint which make the dt workout more soothing.

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FAQ Dt Workout

FAQ Dt Workout

Q. What is a good time for DT CrossFit?

A. The timing for Dt crossfit may vary in everyone as beginner or pro. Thus the ideal timing should be

Beginner – 15 to 19 min

Intermediate – 10 to 14 min

Advanced – 6 to 9 min

Elite – <5 min

Q. What does heavy DT mean in CrossFit?

A. Earlier it was considered as one of the the heaviest crossfit wod.

It usually consist of three exercise and therefore 5 rounds make it much harder and heavy to excel.

dt crossfit workout

Q.What is double DT CrossFit?

A. Basically the normal dt crossfit workout consist of 5 rounds whereas in double dt the rounds are 10 which the double of ususal.

Elite athlete can go for double dt crossfit


In conclusion the above mentioned crossfit wod is of the most exciting and intense workout. Beginners or advance both can go for dt crossfit workout according to their needs they can go for heavy while maintaining the timing.

Lastly some of the tips and strategies are mentioned to excel the dt crossfit workout with ease while making it much more soothing and steady.

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