2021 Crossfit Kids Workouts : Best Kids Wod & Fun Exercise

Crossfit kids workouts is one of the newest trend in fitness journey of kids in a fun way.

However it can be difficult to start without proper knowledge.

So to make it easy and efficient a complete guide with kids wod is mentioned beneath to start with.

Mom who constantly thinks about keeping kids healthy and happy should definitely opt for this kids wod.

In addition, Crossfit for kids supports a long period of activity which develops positive attitude towards health.

In a world loaded up with computer games and iPads, it can play a major role in keeping kids active and fit.

In addition this exercise and kids wod can be executed anyplace whether at backyard or indoor with a great fun.

Crossfit Kids Workouts

It is strength conditioning program design to teach kids 3-18 about different fun exercises.

What Is Crossfit

To be basic, Crossfit is a training that will make kids fitter, harder, stronger and will assist kids in building muscles with a wide scope of various activities.

To do that, kids need to execute few moves/ exercises with focused energy and in a specific time frame. The majority of the moves utilizes kids own body weight.

If this exercises are performed at good intensity, it will help in expanding strength, stamina and endurance in kids while consuming the calories.

Moreover here is the best crossfit kids workouts and kids wod. Which is made in such a way that can be done without needing any extra equipment.

Kids Wod

This Crossfit kids workouts is a complete body exercise which focus on every body part of the kid.

Therefore it is also one of the best and fun workouts for kids.

However you can go with this sequence of exercise with mentioned reps or make some changes in the exercise and reps according to kids.

To make it intense just decrease the rest time while increasing reps. An ideal 30 sec to 1 minute rest should be taken.

8 Fun Exercise For Kids

1. Jumping Jack (50)

Crossfit Kids Workouts

To begin with Crossfit kids workouts go for jumping jacks it will be fun and complete warm up for the kids.

You can start with 50 reps of jumping jack or make some changes according to kids health.

How To Do Jumping Jack

So to begin with kids wod firstly get kids in straight position with legs at shoulder width.

Now jump off the ground while clapping both the hands above the head when in air and get it back at starting position while landing.

2. Squats (15)


Squats are quite simple and most efficient exercise for lower body & legs.

Just go for 15-20 reps of squats.

How To Do Squats

So to start with get kids is straight standing position with legs apart.

Bend both the knees while lowering body towards the ground. Now slowly lift the body up and get back in starting position.

3. Ropes (50)


This exercise can be fun and workout both for kids.

However it can be difficult to start with but with some support and help kids can start with it.

How To Do Ropes

So to begin with firstly you need a rope.

Grab the rope in kids hand and jump off the ground while rope rotating across the body. Let kid Complete the reps without any break.

4. Running (100 m)


Running is one of the best and beneficial exercise in Crossfit kids Workouts. A complete body exercise moreover helps in increasing stamina in kids.

Basically to run is quite simple just let them run. Set a target and make it more fun while adding some rewards on reaching target in short time.

Keep the distance of 100 m.

5. Burpees (10)

Burpees are the most exhausting exercises of all. It includes jumping and push ups at a time which can be difficult for the kids to go with.

However you can adjust the reps according to kids


How To Do Burpees

So to begin with it firstly let kids jump.

After a jump get the whole body down while hands and feet on the ground do a normal push up.

Again get the off the ground take a jump and follow this movement.

6. Jumping Lunges (10)

Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are one of the best exercise for the legs instead of normal lunges to make it more fun go with jumping one.

How To Do Jumping Lunges

Start with legs at shoulder width. Jump left leg forwards while right back into lunge with knees at 90 degree

Jump and switch the legs in each rep. Follow this movement

8. Mountain Climbers (10)

2021 Crossfit Kids Workouts

As the name itself suggest the movement some what look like climbing mountain.

It combines lower body and upper body at a time and also targets the core.

How To Do Mountain Climber

So to begin with firstly get in a push up position.

Now get both the hands and feet on the ground while whole body elevated. Get one leg ahead slow and steady and get back it back.

Therefore change legs in each reps and follow this movement.

Mentioned above is the best kid wod. Therefore every exercise can be fun and targets the different body parts of the kids.

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FAQ- Crossfit Kids Wod

FAQ- Crossfit Kids Wod

Q. What is a good age to start Crossfit?

A. So basically as mentioned crossfit kids workouts is made for kids aging 3-18.

So you can consider after age 3 as it is just the set of different physical exercises which is beneficial in kids growth.

Q. How many times per week should you do Crossfit?

A. It may vary in each kids as some can be physically stronger while some weak. Therefore you can go with 4-5 times a week and can increase as the kids progress.

Q. Does CrossFit stunt growth?

A. The most common asked question of all. Basically crossfit is nothing just different physical exercises which can be beneficial in growth.

However if exercise not done with proper form may lead to stunt growth but majority of exercise if done right helps kids in growth.


Mentioned above exercise are the best for kids wod. It will help in keeping kids healthy, fit and super active.

One should definitely opt for crossfit kids workouts for good growth and keeping kids away from digital world.

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